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See below for more details. Exclusive discounts on overnight stays at our Resorts. Special offers and news straight to your inbox. Discounted entry for friends and family.

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Exclusive Passholder pack. London and The London Eye. Subject to availability. Offer is valid from on 11th June — on 16th July Merlin Annual Passholders will receive two unique codes which they can redeem for two free tickets on the Merlin Annual Pass website. Free tickets are valid until 31st December and subject to attraction opening dates.

Free tickets do not include entry to seasonal events or special events.

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Pass is validated upon purchase and online orders will be delivered in working days. Offer is not available on staff discount purchases. Standard free tickets are only valid for entrance alongside use of a valid Standard Merlin Annual Pass. Premium free tickets are only valid for entrance alongside use of a valid Premium Merlin Annual Pass.. Merlin Entertainments reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.

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Thanks for the code ChuckTheDuck! Fair point. I guess I was just hoping they'd made a monthly subscription type thing rather than spreading the cost of an annual pass over a year. The Merlin passes are great value for what you get.

What attractions are included in the Merlin Annual Pass?

I had one last year but I haven't renewed because their main attractions are quite far away from Newcastle and I just about break even on one over the year as opposed to other ticketing deals. Not exactly a catch Its called an annual pass. You don't get your car insured and pay on monthly instalments then say "Figured there would be a catch Ie you can buy one pass for slightly less than the discounted rate you get when you buy 3 or more passes under the original one-off payment method.

Apologies, I was being stupid. When was that. Sale starts on 18th, no idea what it consists of yet. Per Merlin's rules, no. In actuality, literally, physically, yes. It doesn't search, process, or in any other way make use of the number you enter. In terms of them checking your renewal, I've renewed in the past and have not been asked for my previous MAP, so I never had to show it.

This happens at all attractions, across the board, though your best bet would be to go to a Midway, and if they asked for a pass, tell them you forgot it.

To recap: Yes, go for it. They never check etc. There are numbers on the cards so I can go through MAP online renewal. I did this until the end of the online form just before payment and it looks like it would allow me to renew with Legolan Season Pass number. Of course I cancelled as I was not sure and it says tickets are non-refundable etc.

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Would that renewal be honored if I purchased it? This could be a glitch of course. No entry for Standard Merlin Annual Passholders into the London Dungeon for up to three days in October of each year which, for , are 26th to 28th October inclusive.

Merlin Annual Pass Privilege Pack Unboxing

Secondary attractions at Warwick Castle including, but not limited to, the Castle Dungeon will be subject to additional charges. Parking is not included for Standard Passholders at any attraction. Looks like collection is only available if renewing existing passes. At a guess, dont think you would get turned away, if all booked slots are taken up, they'll most likely ask you to queue up and wait, or may inform you to pay pre-book on another day.

It would be nice to know if people that's had them in the past have been turned away much with not pre booking?

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I was looking forward to getting this but I'm not prepared to be ripped off with a load of pre booking costs. I hear ya.

I booked them at the height of the summer hols but she went and injured her leg so we ended up having to postpone till At the time for all access fast pass it felt like an expensive day, but worth it for the experience of the day - really hot weather, perfect day out, great memories of fun Is this safe? I put in my paypal password, pressed enter and it came back to this oage. As you haven't proven anything it confirms you are a troll. It's full price for the disabled child with a FREE pass for a carer. The carer's pass is in the child's name so doesnt have to be the same person each time on an annual pass.

I just visited yesterday. Saved over an hour for London eye just literally walked on Ended on Monday. According to their Facebook page, they kept doing countdowns to Monday on there too. Is it just me or has this already expired? Do you mean buy the pass through quidco and sealife? Anyone know the answer to this one please? I already have thorpe park tickets for july 6th. Really tempted to buy a premium annual pass, but can't buy onsite to get ticket price knocked off as after the sale ends.

Any way anyone can think of where I get the already bought tickets money off the sale price of the annual pass please? It starts when you visit and collect the tickets. We ordered at the beginning of the sale and collected a couple of weeks later the expiry was from collection date. When you buy the pass does it start from the day you purchase it or is it from the day of your first visit to an attraction?

This is due to admission tickets only being refunded, when a Merlin Annual Pass is purchased on the day, at one of our attractions, with a full priced entrance ticket being purchased. I did use the geographic numbers in the end, took me through to HR Department - who at first seemed helpful, but they just gave me email details for the Box Office, who couldn't have been LESS helpful. Thanks for the info about NHS, some members of family may be eligible, so will look into this. Again, many thanks. Use saynotto In the end we purchased with my wifes NHS discount which was slightly below the sale price, so was the best option.

You can access the NHS discount via bluelightcard or healthservicediscounts. But they will want to see the NHS ID when you pick up, so don't bother if you aren't genuinely able to use these discounts. Don't think you'll get the Sale prices anywhere now they don't have any sentiment or consideration about any situation , but Good Luck if you try x. Sorry to hear that supersue, I'm wondering if I went to sealife centre , closest to us , would they do it there?

We are getting g some help towards these via the family fund so thus discount would be make it more reasonably priced x. Don't bother. Rubbish customer service - they just don't care. Yes bare in mind if u don't have a current pass ready for renewal this post is useless please check things before you post not everyone has a pass. Sorry, just re-read my previous post and should have mentioned when I called Merlin they did say you have to book the passes via the phone.

The process outlined above is applicable only within the first 5 days of your Merlin Membership being activated - after this time you will be required to present your physical pass. Refunds will not be issued for tickets purchased as a result of not presenting either your correct documentation or physical pass. When buying your pass, input the offer code into the box provided and the correct price will automatically appear when you come to pay.

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